Panda (maractus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Miltank hat + Scarf set for sale

Hi everyone c: I've been quite dead in the community lately, and for that I apologize (not that anyone cares, hehe)
But I recently had a huge trade fall through, and would like these things out of here

Features ear flaps, braided cords w/tassels, fleece & Sharpie face, and a tail with a bow. [The horns look uneven in this picture e_e it's just the picture, they look fine normally]

  ~3 feet and features 5 spots in miltank's pattern 

I'm looking for $40 for the set, shippin included if you're in the U.S (I WILL ship internationally, please ask for a quote)
Haggling is accepted, trades are a maybe

Any more questions, please ask c:

I was granted sales permission by lineaalba on 7/7/10
Tags: custom, miltank, sales

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