Shuufly (shuuichi_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I'm new

Hi, I'm new.

I've been a Pokemon fan since I first got Pokemon Blue for Gameboy for Christmas. Thought I would grow out of it, but apparently not.
My favorite Pokemon are Flygon and Wooper, so they are mainly what I collect (I am proud of my Flygon plush) but I am also interested in Rayquaza and Giratina and pretty much every bug Pokemon ever. (I am an amateur entomologist IRL know...)
My fiancee (storms-in-orbit) is a Pokemon fan too, she collects Metagross and Kyogre things mainly but also loves the ghosties (she is proud of her Giratina Pokedoll...I am half stealing it).

Here is part of our collection (our favorites):

(the rest is shoved in a bin in the closet, lol)

If you have anything we might be interested in feel free to comment : >
Tags: flygon, introductions, metagross

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