Jigo•ジゴ (jigo_san) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Birthday wants

Heeello, community~
My birthday was a little over a week ago and I still want to buy some things with my birthday money!

Thank you!

I've narrowed down my list to just a few things.
I've almost completed my Pokemon Center Pikachu charms collection... but I'm missing one.
The Sapporo Pikachu charm!

I've found one on ebay, but the shipping price was more than the charm itself and I can't bring myself to get it for that...
And I can't seem to find it on Noppin.
If anyone is selling this, please let me know!

That's my number one want at the moment, but if anyone is selling any of these, I'll be more than willing to consider!
Lower wants.

Pikachu Pokedoll pin

Oshawott Pokedoll pin

Halloween Charms
(I only want Pikachu from sets A and B!!)

(Image taken from sunyshore)

Anything from the "I ♥ Pikachu" promotion...

If you are selling any of these things, please let me know!
I live in the USA, 13601 for shipping reference.

Tags: pikachu

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