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Want/ Group buy?

Hi all!

Just a quick post today...After losing my bid in a GA, I think I still want a clear Virizion TOMY very badly (I've got the other two coming in already)

Anyone have one for sale?

(We could also do a group buy, the price would be $7 for the figure + shipping to me + shipping to you...
Anyone interested? I just want to complete my trio, that's all.

We ARE doing a GB for this set, we just need someone to claim Terrakion! Please and thank you in advance ;____;

Virizion; ME
Cobalion; acciolucius

(P.S; If shipping is ridicilously high from me to you, I may refund you a little/pay of my own pocket.)

P. P.S; I am also still looking for a lot of TCG cards. If you want to get money/help me, have a go at my wants list below. Thanks! :)
Tags: cobalion, figures, terrakion, tomy, virizion

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