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It is time for DIAMOND AND PEARL hand-drawn genga auctions.

What is genga?
It is the pencil sketches by real animators used to create the anime. In the past, they were traced over to create cels, and therefore very fine-lined, but since the new century are harder to find as studios switch to all-digital.

Are these photocopies?
No, they are real pencil drawings by the real animators, handled by the real people who create the Pokemon anime. They will be shipped wrapped in protective plastic and should not be over-handled with bare hands.

What episodes are these from?
They are from DP183, DP094, DP088, and DP096.

Auction details!
=Auctions will end Friday, September 14th, at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time.
=I will consider offers lower than starting price if no other bids are placed.

Genga Set 1: Brock animation sequence
This is a set of 11 pages of Brock. It is a nearly completed animation sequence. Begins at 80$.

Genga Set 2: Contest Hikari
Four pages of Hikari in her contest garb. Begins at 70$.

Genga Set 3: Delcatty
Delcatty and her trainer during a contest. Begins at 60$.

Genga Set 4: Bunny
Two Buneary pages. Begins at 25$.

Genga Page 5: Team Rocket
Genga Page 6: Cyrus
One page of Jessie and James flipping out. Begins at 10$.
One page of plainclothes Cyrus and a professor. Begins at 20$.

View my sales policies here.

Thanks, and enjoy!
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