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It's Been Awhile! I come bearing wants!

Hey everyone! It's been awhile! :D  For a quick referesher, I'm your friendly neighborhood Sneasel/Weavile Collector, ☆LucklessPrince☆!  I haven't posted in quite some time, [although I have been lurking in sales posts huhuhu~ (+∀+)] so I'd like to give a warm welcome to all you new folks who've just recently joined!  Hello! You'll have a blast here! (^▽^)

My Featherbutt army has grown so much! There's so many new gets to be shown!  (*´▽`*) However, I'm waiting on a few key pieces to arrive before I make a full re-intro and collection update! +∀+ I'm also planning on making a collection update! [when I get off my own lazy featherbutt! haha!]

Anyway, enough of my blubbering XD Hnn...I just get so excited when I post! (*´▽`*) Getting to the point, I've got some extra Munny from my birthday a couple weeks ago and thought I'd like to get myself some belated Sneasel/Weavile Merch as gifts! :B
[Too lazy to draw new art, so behold recycled Artz!]

☆☆NOT looking for/Already Got☆☆:
If you guys have any sneasel or weavile merch that is NOT on my list, I'd LOVE to see 'em~  I'll happily take them off your hands if I don't already have 'em!
Not looking for TCG's.  Sorry friends! ;u;  But I DO LOVE DEM FLATS! So if you have any non-TCG flats, I'd love to take a look at them!  *u*
Not interested in stickers from "Collector" Sticker albums. Example HERE.  Amadas and the "Korean Pop up Stickers" on the other hand are A-OK!
ALREADY GOT: ALL Sneasel/Weavile KIDS, The Kaiyodo Weavile Bottlecap + both Sneasel and Weavile TOMYs + Large Jakks Figure. Unless you have a clear variant of these figures for me, I got it! XD


And Now, for those Wants~!


☆☆HOLY GRAIL: Sneasel Retsuden Stamper [I will love you SO. FRIGGIN. HARD. D:] ☆☆

[info]leafdust blessed us all by discovering this lil guy!

This little guy is one expensive figure!  If anyone has one on the comm, then I'd love to shoot you offers for it, otherwise I'm saving all up my monies for one of these bad boys! e_e

Sneasel Johto Metal Swing [Pictured on the right]
Image 1 © [info]rypeltajaroll

Pokemon Time Clearfile/Candy Tin

Mini-Sneasel Figure from Jakks Snow Adventure Micro playset
Image © [info]slothyshroom



☆☆GRAIL: Weavile Retsuden Stamper [I will love you SO HARD D:]☆☆

Weavile Keychain [?]
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope

Weavile Papercraft
Image © [info]slothyshroom

Weavile Keychain [?]

Weavile Pokedoll charm
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope

Weavile Mystery Figures [?]

Weavile Pokeball figures [?]
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope

Weavile Candy  Bottlecap

Weavile Figure [?]

Weavile Charm [?] [In nice condition]
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope

Weavile Pokeball Watch [?] [Was making a deal to get one, but then the seller got banned (‘A`)]
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope


And that's all for now~ :3 Well, I hope I can find some of these beauties on the comm!!! <3  I Hope you look forward to my future Collection Update! Thanks for looking!

Oh, has anyone ever bought from the online store Eagle Anime? They sell Pokemon merch and alot of other anime merch, but I want to see if anyone has ever had any experiences with them before I try to purchase b:
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