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Shining gets post!

It's time to do another gets post, with a grail item!

I didn't plan to do an official shiny collection, but somehow it just happened. First I bought what I could get at reasonable price, since I didn't believe I would never get the one item, my heart longed for most. I just didn't want to have a main collection without it, so I didn't take it seriously and even let some important items pass.

But then... I got the grail item which I didn't believe, I could get! So now shiny pokemon merchandise is one of my main collections (It has been added to the Collector Dex too, so if you also collect them, go there to add your name ^^), along with the tomy repaints, Eevee, Umbreon and Yanma.

I got some things for my other collections too, but this post is mostly dedicated to those rare, sparkling beauties.

Let's start with more common items.

I bought these from Animeraro with rest of the Movie set, which also included a Zorua line Zukan for my side collection. Raikou's tail keeps falling off. Perhaps I just don't know, how to attach it right.

Lots of shiny Kids!
When I heard that there's only 200 shiny Kyogre Kids, I was sure, I would never get one. But then I noticed this huge and awesome lot of Kids and other Pokemon toys on Yahoo!Japan. And there the purple Kyogre was, among other Kids. It might have been enough for me to bid, but there was 6 other shiny Kids too! There was the whole Bulbasaur line, Torchic (the cuter, sitting variant), Treecko and Snorunt (which I already have. So if anyone has a shiny Kid I don't have yet, I would love to trade this one for it. If not, I'll just auction it off later this week)
Plusle, Minun, Roselia, Sceptile and Swampert came also as a lot. No doubles this time. I really like the mint green Minun. The Plusle is a bit different than its game counterpart, but I actually prefer this version.

And on to plushes. Here we have some shining fishes, also from Y!J. I like the golden Magikarp even more than the red Gyarados, so it was my priority in plushes too. And then TWO appeared in Y!J at the same time! The first one came with Magikarp Pokedoll and had both tags, the other came with Red Gyarados, but neither had their hang tag. The first seller didn't have any feedback, but I love the shiny karp's tag, so I tried my best to win it anyway. I won it, and then went after the other lot, to get the Gyarados and a back up Magikarp, if the other seller is a scammer. I wasn't as serious with it, but I still won it too! So... yay! These plushes are so beautiful! Even though I'm not a fan of Gyarados, I love this plush. It's very handy to be able to pose it. And the Magikarp is so... yellow and it has beautiful big fins. <3 And the tag is so shiny and awesome! Without a doubt my second favorite of all shiny plushes, if not even favorite. But it has a great rival...

My grail! It's blue! It's Suicune! It's... perfect!

This is the one shiningraikou listed in ebay and advertised here. Even though there were a couple offers turned down before I saw it, I didn't want/couldn't pay the full price either. So I made an offer without really hoping for it being accepted, because someone would surely appear to BIN it. Next day I got a mail. My offer had been accepted. I couldn't believe it! I was sure, I would never be able to have this, so I didn't buy Raikou and Entei last month, even though they were going quite cheap in Y!J. I didn't want them, if I couldn't get my favorite beast. I should have had more faith in my luck. Then I would own all shiny plushes now. But it doesn't matter. They'll appear again. If I can get Suicune, I can get the others!

And for last, I have something less sparkly but just as awesome and cute:

No gets post from me without Eevee. ^_^ This is the Kimochi chat plush. This one is my second favorite Eevee after the 1:1 plush. It's such a high quality, doesn't have the angry eyebrows syndrome and it has so cute pawpads. <3
But what is the tag on his neck? It looks like some kind of bar code or something and it seems you should be able to scan it with your phone. Does anyone know, what it does?

Well, that's it. Thanks for reading. You can wait for my first sales post with a shiny Magikarp auction in a day or two. ^_~
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