squeaklle (squeaklle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A quick wants post!

So you all know I'm new here! I made my intro, you guys know I love the bisharp line to bits, so I'm going to go ahead and post the goodies from that line that I'm still looking to get my hands on! List under the cut. 8)

The Metal Claw Waza Attacks Museum figure by Banpresto! 

And this Takara Tomy Bisharp Pose figure that was released sometime in january? I’ve sen some sales posts but again only on here and they’re all sold. 

And then the kids for both Bisharp and Pawniard. I'm not really interested in collecting cards at this moment, and I've already got the bisharp and pawniard charms! I think there were some pencils released with Bisharps on them? And an Iphone case? But if anyone else knows of any merch for their line, please let me know!

Also here have a pawniard gif to express my gratitude.
Tags: bisharp, pawniard, wanted

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