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many things!

First of all, Sunyshore has new things! You can now begin to preorder your Black Kyurem and White Kyurem PokeDolls!! along with the 2012 Lugia PokeDoll re-release, a new RAICHU! washcloth that the Pokemon Center put out, the Therian Form Hyper Size Figures and some new Pokemon Time stickers I now have images of (along with those pens!). Mini Pokedolls also come out this weekend!

Do not forget that you also have a few more weeks to get your order in for Dot Sprite Charms! All 173 types of B/W Pokemon included!

Next, we finally have images of the final (regular) MPC sets. This tells us that the final six legendaries without MPC yet WILL be in Namco Limited Sets (assuming they do get made, which we must assume, as Banpresto has done very well with MPC). Genosect will probably be released as a single exclusive. This is all my own speculation! You can see my reasoning in this post on my own LJ if you want to read stupid ramblings.

click for bigger!

Next, these Gym Badges are out today. And my goodness are they beautiful. My camera is a bit broken right now so these are cell phone images, but you get the idea... I really am blown away. Why have they never done this before?!

Don't forget, I have some cool genga up for offers. Brock set and Delcatty set are still free for the taking!
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