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Bisharp/Zebstrika Waza review(ish) and lazy glance at current collection status!

Hey guys I come today with a mini review on the new Bisharp waza museum figure and threw in my Zebstrika too just in case people were still curious about this awesome line of figurines :) I also have a mini collection update that was very lazily done because I don't have any natural lighting to work with atm and my collection is mostly condensed into one bookshelf sans plush so photos just never come out too good and I don't actually own a camera! All photos are always done with my iPhone/iPad and the picture quality isn't too bad but it can't exactly compare to a DSLR XD. Without further ado:

Just absolutely amazing. Also to those new to Waza Museum figures, the figures come with a base, but you just rest the figure on top of it, there aren't any holes or pegs or anything of that sort! Also the name and attack of the Pokemon are printed right on the base :) No sticker!

The only "complaint" I have is that the chest blade edges weren't seperately painted (hard to capture on photo in artificual light) but its really not a big deal.

I cannot even begin to descrive how AWESOME the look of the rocks "floating" is. badass. reminds me a bit of the mewtwo TFG's "floating rocks"

From here on will be angles shots of front back left and right to give you a better idea of what the figures look full circle :) gorgeous from any angle really!

Also I must admit the box design this time around is much more improved! It already looked great before but damn it just looks amazing now! I also think the quality of the figures/paint has improved as well! I am not sure if it is just because I only have Zebstrika to compare it with (who's doused in sparks so the paint's mostly yellow) but I think this batch has really gotten their game stepped up. The yellow electric bolts on Zeb seem to be the same material as the yellow metal claw swipe from Bisharp.

Bisharp's box did get mangled, but I was able to buffer some of it out and doesn't look nearly as bad now! It was mostly just the corners anyways and the creases dont capture well in photos so that's lucky for this review! :D

Looks like there may be a bit of a paint mess up on Bisharp's left claw, but to be honest its more prominent in the photo than in real life.

badassery in plastic form.

I rotated this photo in photobucket but it doesn't seem to want to work... anyways, top view! I got my Zebstrika from play-asia that's why there's a sticker on it like that. XD Just love the black and white tile thing going on on the top of Bisharp's box.

bottom view.... and bottom view of the figures too XD If any of you were curious.

And that's all I've got for the wazas :) Overall, please just go and buy one if you like figures even the slightest bit. XD Just based on Zebstrika and Bisharp, if you don't have a preference for any of the Pokemon that have been released for these figures so far, go with set 2 or above. While I love Zebstrika and its one of my main collections, the Bisharp's paint job and detail is just incredible! And it looks like they're giving the newer releases more dynamic and interesting pose/move combos :D

I actually have two very large pending orders from Sunyshore and Noppin (first time using deputy service! :D when my items arrive I will most likely review that and give a brief tutorial... though its seriously super simply everyone should try it!) and when I mean large I mean like.... 20+ items that are fairly decent sized. Not like flats or little stamps like that. XD They should both arrive to me in either late Sept or early-ish Oct I assume so when that all comes I'll do a nice sales update with extras I got and more weeding and I will try to do my first official collection update with decent natural lighting and good detail photos and stuff XD yay runon sentences!

Now a glance at my collection!

Bisharps first! I keep all my plush seperated from other Poke merch since that would take waaaay too much shelf space and I think would accumulate dust more easily D: I hope Bisharp continues to get more and more merch! I do love how with BW/BW2 they're trying their best to give EVERY Pokemon some love with items in the form of every Pokemon like charms, dot sprite charms, AEON badges, etc :)

Zebras! Not too much improvement on this collection, though I'm not sure there's much merch I am actually missing that has the Zebras as the main focus (I don't care too much about them being spotted in the like the corner of a clearfile or something). I got the Xmas blitzle charm on the bottom from my amazing friend youngsterjoseph
who also made me the gorgeous custom Blitzle sculpture seen in the middle! When they have sales permission you should definitely commision them :)

Yeah. This happened. I went from NOTHING Maggyo to EVERYTHING Maggyo!!! Collect all the Maggyo! Seriously I gave up one derpy aquatic animal (Wailord) for another. I just couldn't resist this guy's charm and man the Maggyo Zukan promotion was just awesome. There haven't been too many promos recently I loved but that just took the cake. Unfortunately I decided to collect this guy quite some time after that so I've been desperately trying to acrue as much merch as possible from the Zukan promo. I have the large items like the floormat and zabuton cushion thankfully, but I am slowly getting more and hope to complete the promo set (excluding flats like notepads/stickers) through Noppin :)

I am desperately searching for a Maggyo pass cass though so if you've got one for sale please let me know!

And it is now that I realize I collect 4 Unova Pokes, 1 Sinnoh, 0 Hoenn (despite being my favourite), 0 Johto, and 3 Kanto. Though I have gone through a few side collections like Wailord, Shelgon, Drifloon, Eevee....

Fire pups! I can't even begin to express how grateful I am to all the people that have sold me these items. I never thought I'd collect em because their merch is so spendy and some are very rare as well despite being two of my favourite pokemon. And I nearly gave up after my Arcanine UFO took 4 months to arrive! I know I am missing a lot of items but for this collection I am focusing on collecting only items that I like since its the only first gen Pokemon I collect and I tend to dislike older merch.

Some more recent-ish gets include the awesome Arcanine swing charm from the awesome  's GA held a little while back, the super cute mini cot, in-case Growly and gorgeous 151 badges! The little puchi chara (I believe that's what its called) is SOOO explosively adorable I can't contain myself. It also eluded me for quite sometime having also been bought before I get to a sales post. So glad to have one now! I have 7 mini models coming in for these guys which I just can't wait to get along with Poketime things!!! :)

And now...

my babies TAT!!
I don't think I've gotten too much recently for these guys except maybe for the VS cards on the bottom there. Though I did buy one of everything (except the stickers I believe XD) of the Pokemon Night promo in Sunyshore since my baby is in it so much! Definitely can't wait for those! I am so desperate for any merch from the 2007 Halloween promo HIGHLIGHTING ROTOM as sort of the spotlight in the merch! It features Rotom pokedoll art too! I was recently only able to acquire a sticker sheet off Noppin and hearbreakingly got sniped for a gorgeous notebook featuring this art not too long ago on Noppin.  :/ The search continues!

And the "3rd" member of my Kanto collection is actually Jolteon! I had considered for a while whether to collect Jolt or Vee and went with Eevee because I absolutely adore Green and Red from the game so I had an Eevee collection for a while just cause of Green (and of course because Eevee is freaking adorable!) But my true favourite is Jolteon since I love electrics (with ghost as a close, close second, see why Rotom was a godsend for me? XD) and what with I <3 Eevee and the PokeCen/Banpresto just crapping vees on us everywhere I figure the best time to officially pick up Jolty is now! My Jolty collection will mainly be plush ONLY because it doesn't have many of them. I will collect certain figures and things but not too much since its far to expensive for me and its only a side collection. I know you're saying the bell plush is probably THE most expensive Jolty item but I... am pretending it doesn't exist and aiming to get every plush except that. XD I have the minky Jolteon in storage at Noppin so I'll finally have something to start it off!

And like most others on comm, I fell in love with N and Cheren from BW! I consider these two (along with Jolty) my side collections. I also have clearfiles featuring many of my collection Pokes but I always forget to take photos of them XD

Also random sidenote, I bought the non-human dot sprite pins (with some other things) from allinia
I kid you not paid YESTERDAY and they arrived today!! That's wicked fast shipping! :D

Posters! I have the Mitsuhide/Nobunaga posters in storage at noppin and I cant wait to add them :D

Super half assed photo of plush that's unorganized XD The Maggyo Zabuton? Hands down my FAVOURITE item in my entire collection, no joke. It's squishy, practical, perfect, and unbelievably soft! If you can, try and get one, they're amazing!! appagetyofatassouttheway

Unorganized pokedolls! Just got Gengar today and its perfect TAT

And the infamous plush tower from IKEA that annoyingly does not have the holes facing the same way... I'm still unsure how to organize my plush since I feel they kinda go to waste just in that bin all the time. I want to convince my mom to get me one of those awesome square cubby-like shelves from IKEA that are just perfect for plush :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you enjoyed :) I'll end with a question:

What is the one Pokemon move you'd like to see made into a Waza Museum Figure?
You can also include what Pokemon you would like to see doing said move but I am more interested in the move than anything :)
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