neko_dono250 (neko_dono250) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Christmas Goodness

As the first wisps of cool air started rolling through my neighborhood earlier this week it got the little wheels in my head spinning and plotting. How might I make this Christmas in my apartment festive and welcoming? Why, by decorating with Pokemon merch of course! So I come today with a Christmas themed wants list. Pictures and list after the cut.

I have been perusing the internet and came across a few items that I know I want to get, but the price and shipping for these items has been too ridiculous. Also, it will be loads more fun to purchase items from my fellow community members and show the end result to everyone when the Christmas season rolls around.

Pikachu Solar Christmas
A Solar Powered Christmas Pikachu!! If anyone can point me in a direction where to get him, that would be great

Pikachu Wooden Ornament
This little guy is a wooden ornament that was released in Pokemon Centers last year

Oshawott Wooden Ornament
Oshawott as well :)

Pokemon Christmas Charms
There were also a few sets of charms released last year. I'm looking to decorate a mini tree with them all :D

Well that's it for now. I am also looking for any other Christmas Pokemon merchandise you guys might have for sale. Thanks for looking!
Tags: charms, figures, plush

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