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Agent Spectre: An introduction!

Greetings fellow Pokemon collectors!  This Spectre has actually been lurking in the shadows of this community for a few years, but has just now finally decided to make an introduction post!

First thing's first... I've loved monsters and have been a ravenous collector all my life.
I have been collecting Pokemon since 1998 and have never stopped loving it.  While things have been off and on due to having many other collections as well as normal life circumstances (time, money, etc), I have managed to amass a hefty amount of Pokemon merchandise of all types.  So much so that it actually gives me anxiety because I have no place to put/display anything, yet I can not stop. XP
I would love to make an actual collection post and supply pictures of the things I have, however, as I stated before, this will be quite a feat for me, as it is literally everywhere in the house.  The good news is, that I've been making an effort to clean up, and as such will probably find a lot of cool things along the way.  I can't promise that I will be so active, because it's just how I am, but perhaps the discoveries and sorting process to define my collection may motivate me!

To give a taste, here's just one of my favorite sets that I own:

I would absolutely love to find the TOMY DX vinyl Moltres to complete these guys! X3

Anyway...  I love Ghost, Bug, Rock, Steel, Poison and Dragon types the most I think.  It would be impossible for me to settle on just a few Pokemon, and if I listed every one I enjoy collecting, this post would be even longer than it already is, yikes! However I can say I'm particuarly fond of fossil Pokemon, serpents, machines, and also as of late have been trying to amass collections for the Ninjask and Scolipede lines.
My latest obsession comes in the form of a human, one Achroma/Colress. He and his Pokemon are such an amalgamation of so much of what I love, that I absolutely can not resist, and I desire to have a fully concentrated collection of him. The first step will be the aquisition of as many of his cards from Plasma Gale as I can get my claws on. If anyone could provide assistance with that in the coming weeks, that would be absolutely splendid.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to be around more often. I love buying/selling/trading, and most of all I love to help.
~Spectre ( The Clockwork Ouroboros)

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