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Massive gets post

Hello fellow pokemon collectors! I am now officially on break from collecting, save for canvas plush, but I have not shown off anything I've gotten in months! XD I have tons of items stacked up in the "not shown" area of my overly organized collection, though for now I can't show you the whole thing since I'm not quite done on my Eeveelution canvas hunt. XP Anyway, let's skip more text walls and get straight to the fun part!


Oh my Arceus Whimsicott is so soft! And Meloetta's scarf thingie isn't very soft at all.


Audino's little heart feet are so cute! I'm officially in love with girly Pokemon, also Mienfoo was inspired by my love of weasels.


Oh gosh guys it's a Shinx Pokedoll! I got him cheaper since he had no tush tag, he's a welcome travel buddy since I am not obligated to lug around his paper tag when its not attached. Keldeo is awesome, but not as awesome as Shinx. :o


I always loved Kyogre, since I always had gotten the "blue colored" games when they were released. :D


Here's my newest non-Eevee canvas plush: Raichu! He's super soft and I just want to hug all of my plush but then they'd become too loved to sell...

Okay fellow collectors, now time for the Eeveelus!


Umbreon and Leafeon Pokedolls! And this time they're legit. :DD Leafeon anything is always welcome in my house.


Espeon was my childhood favorite Pokemon, I always used her until Leafeon came around. :D


I'm in love with this plush! This Glaceon Banpresto has officially made it into my "keep forever" pile, right next to Bonnibelle my 1/1 Eevee. :DDD


It. Has. Begun. Now that I own four out of eight, I have to get the other four, starting with Leafeon! Then hopefully Flareon, then Jolteon and Umbreon since somehow they just aren't my top priority.

And now, a picture of Every canvas plush I own to this day in a pretty rainbow for your enjoyment. :)


That is all! I hope you all have peace in the months to come and a happy Fall, filled with amazing Eeveelutions and all sorts of lovely things!

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