gallade007 (gallade007) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Got these for free

I know this is unbelieveable! A person who was my friend decided to part with her Pokemon plushes and she sent them to me...for nothing. xD This is worth so much money. o-o All the plushes are 100% legit EXCEPT for Dragonite, that's a bootie. I know certain the rest is legit because I know were she purchased them some years ago.
Unfortunately she cut both tags and tush tags off of the Jolteon canvas, Leafeon pokedoll and Arcanine ufo. Also Leafeon pokedoll tail was cut loose. xD  But I still don't have to complain!
Under the cut you will see a bigger picture + pictures of Leafeon's loose tail etc.


Here is Leafeon's ''cut off'' tail. Does anyone know where the tail originaly was attached? Would love to know so that I can fix her. :)
I also got Jolteon's tag because she found it luckily! :D  I do have Arcanine's paper tag as well. For all these; you can see the tush tags are cut off. :(

Another surprise is this big European Tomy Snivy plush! I got this from my boyfriend as a present for or 2 year anniversary.^-^

Thanks for reading. <3
Tags: arcanine, dragonite, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, snivy
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