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Plush Question

I come to you all with a question…
I'm on a quest to obtain every official Darumaka plush, and I've seen all kinds of plush that look kinda like some of mine, but slightly different…

From what I can gather, there's the Canvas Plush, the Pokemon Center Plush, the TOMY plush, The Banpresto UFO plush, and The Banpresto Ball Chain Plush…
But I'm confused as to what two of my plush are…

Here are (bad cellphone) pics of my plush:

They're both Banpresto, but they look different than some images online of the UFO plush and the Ball Chain plush, which I thought these were…

According to The Sunny Clearing (love your collection btw!) what I have isn't actually the Ball chain plush, and an auction on Y!J popped up that seems to be the actual one:

But I'm confused at what those back two are.
I thought what I had was the Banpresto UFO plush…
But according to PPP, the ones in the auction seem to be the actual UFO plush…

There's also some ebay auctions that look kinda like my chain plush, but slightly different…

What exatcly do I have, and how many plush are there of the little guy??

Sorry to bother you guys, but it's just my luck that the pokemon collector's wiki doesn't have a page for Darumaka. :(
(This post was extremely Darumaka-tastic)

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