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First sales post with shiny auctions

I just got my sales permission last week, so it's time to try this out. I have read all kinds of seller tutorials and made research about it, but please be forgiving, if I don't know something right away and adding up the total will take some time. I'll do my best!

Two auctions as well as battrios and pan stickers for straight sale.

Sales permission granted by rachelled on 3/9/2012
My feedback can be found here

- All pkmncollector's rules apply!
- Paypal only! (except in the rare case of selling to another finnish member)
- I ship from Finland, so the shipping cost WILL be high, especially if you don't live in Europe. Please ask for a quote, if you are worried.
- To keep the shipping price as reasonable as possible, I usually ship via Economy class in an envelope/bubble mailer. It can take up to 15 working days to arrive. If you want your item faster, please ask for Priority.
- I also reuse bubble mailers to save your money. If this is a problem, just tell me.
- Prices don't include shipping, paypal fees and possible material costs.
- I'm not responsible for items after they leave my hands. You can ask for tracked mail.
- I'll hold items 24 hours to anyone showing interest, but after that, if there is no sign of the payment or reason to keep it on hold longer, it goes to the next person. If you ask for a quote and decide to pass, please tell me! Don't keep others waiting!
- I may be willing to do longer holds, but you must commit to buy and have at least 5 positive feedback.
- Payment plans are usually okay. Contact me in the questions section or by PM to discuss it before bidding/buying.
- I'm willing to haggle with bigger orders to compensate the high shipping. :)
- My home is pet- and smoke-free, but since most items have been owned by someone else before, I can't guarantee anything.

Auction rules:
- The auction ends on Sunday 22:00 GMT. Timer here.
- Bid in increments of $1 or more.
- Absolutely NO sniping! Any bid made 5 minutes before the auction ends, will extend it by another 5 minutes, until there's over 5 minutes from the last bid.

Shiny Magikarp Pokemon Center plush

Tush-tag only and one very small loose thread under its pectoral fin (my MWT karp has one too, so they might be quite common in these), but otherwise it's in mint condition.
The auction starts at $100
(Shipping costs in a bubble mailer:
Economy: EU $5,76, anywhere else $8,96
Priority: EU $7,68, anywhere else $11,52
Tracked: EU $9,47, anywhere else $12,03)

Shiny Snorunt Kid

It has a small spot of yellow paint on the back. Probably was like this as new too, since it's the same color as those yellow triangles.
Starts at $7
(Sadly, same shipping prices as the Magikarp, since every letter that's over 3cm thick has a flat rate up to 250g :/)
I may also be willing to trade this to another shiny Kid I don't have yet. If I get a trade offer I like, the auction ends.

Pan stickers
(Shipping around $1 dollar)
1st generation

Sold: Jolteon, Vileplume

2nd generation

Sold: Both Miltank, Smoochum, Wooper, Larvitar

3rd generation

Sold: Masquerain, Spoink, Roselia, Poochyena

4th and 5th generation

Sold: Buneary, Riley, Turtwig

Battrios (Shipping around $1 for one, but it'll be a bit more for several)

Eeveelutions $4 each
All others $2 each

On hold: Gengar
Tags: magikarp, sales, snorunt
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