Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

Pokemon Group buys!

Hey guys!
Poor charizard had some bad luck with a GB. So to help take some stress off of her, lets try it again for those who still wanted items!!!

Original group buy post here
^^^^ check this link. If you aren't crossed off then you still have a claim with her. If you got first dibs on her first set of each then you are still on hers. Hope this helps clear up confusion.

If you have a claimed with her hang onto it. This was just for more sets since she tried to do multiples of each set and someone bought them. The seller relisted more sets and Trynyti was too exhausted/stressed to try to do it again.
This is just for anyone who missed her first claim :)
She is only doing 1 claim now instead of 2 or 3. So I am doing a second set to help her and the people who missed out

YOU MUST PAY if claimed. I will drive to your home and kick you in the shin if you back out on me. I am a ginger....so don't test me!
There will be 1 payment. To save everyone money on PP fees only one payment is due. When I get the item it goes right to you! :) Awesome, huh?
GB goes until all are claimed. Let me know if you are international.

Stamps = $4.85 (that's shipping, PP fee, package and item!)
I'll contact you when its time to pay. Please pay within 2 days.

Pokemon coin cases!
Charmander- Arcanine5860
Mew- Akihio 
Pikachu- Aleyina 

Pokemon stamps:
Dear Pikachu- Clair2522
Mew- Kitsunekei
Psyduck- Graywrabbit

Seel/Shelldar- Zangooseel
Ditto- Tayran
Clefairy/Clefable- Kawaiiouji
Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff- Kawaiiouji

Porygon- Agentspectre
From Pikachu- Aleyina
Horsea- Zakiax1 

Ask me any questions. I will combine items for you :)
Tags: charmander, clefairy, group buy, horsea, jigglypuff, mew, pikachu, porygon, psyduck, seel
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