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Charms and Things GA!

Hey PKMNCollectors! Today, herar and I bring you a GA filled with painted charms, wobbling figures, and bobble-heads! Come check it out~

Rules/ Important Info
I will be handling Threads and Spreadsheets, while herar will be doing the bidding/shipping! Herar will be shipping from the  US.
I was granted sales permission by [info]dakajojo on 03/17/11, Herar was granted sales permission by [info]dakajojo on 7/20/2011.
                         Link to all Herar's FeedbackLink to My feedback
As always, all Community GA rules apply, so that means no sniping or deleting bids!
Please bid in increments of $1 or more and please do reply to the start thread or highest bidder when placing a bid, otherwise your bid may not count.
Herar will be claiming the Munchlax charm for $4, and I will be claiming the Weavile charm for $4 [willing to go higher]
There will be three payments. 1. Winning Auction Price+Deputy Fees, 2. Shipping from Japan to Herar, and 3. Shipping from Herar to you.  You must be ready to pay within 48 hours once the invoice is in. We don't want to be have to be the bad guys, please don't make us leave you negative feedback! :c
We will not tolerate any negative comments directed towards others that you are bidding against, that are intentionally made to  make them feel uncomfortable. 
This Auction ends in 5 days!  Here's the Timer! 
Notes from the seller [translated via Google Translator]:

"Wobbling Figures"
We are riding on Pokemon Monster Ball,
Rise even pull you press, wobbling cute.
Cute figure swaying waveringly is outstanding healing.

"Bobblehead Mascots"
Mascot bobblehead shake your head moves back and forth and pressing Chokonto.


The fastener holder especially cute characters!

Always with love Pokemon.
Semi-solid die-cast mascot of both sides,
It is easy to attach hook fastener holder also what is docked.

Three-dimensional semi-Pokemon by die-casting weight and realism!
3rd optimum pouch bags and accessories, the popular item.

All bag is unopened.

We look forward to an awesome GA with you guys! :3

Please do wait until I have your desired thread up to bid~ Bid to your heart's content!

Bidding has Ended!
Tags: azurill, bonsly, bulbasaur, charmander, group auction, lucario, mime jr., minun, mudkip, phanpy, pichu, pikachu, plusle, spheal, spinda, spoink, squirtle, sudowoodo, torchic, wailmer

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