Evey (ville_valo) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Doooes any body have a litwick or whimsicott pokedoll for sale? 
images (8)
sorry if this is your picture - i'll take it down if you'd like!
I'm looking maybe about 22$ shipped for each of them :3.

And very slim chance - but does anybody have these lati pillows? i need them in my life. and the latios banpresto that i've asked about so many times before on here but it cant hurt to ask again so I squeeze this in here
latias pillowslatios
And also i'm always looking for this big bootleg lugia that they sold on eBay a few years ago :3

sorry for the boring post ;-;
Tags: latios, litwick, lugia, wanted, whimsicott

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