Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Schenzi 400 Kids GA and Quick Eevee offers!

Chibi Stampers GA
All paid members are posted out, or will be combined with your other orders. Everyone else was PMed at the beginning of the week and I'd had no replies/payments. I'm going to keep those items for the set time limit, don't worry.

Schenzi 400 kids and more GA - Arrived! Yay!
The following users have not yet paid Payment 1, leaving me $34 out of pocket. I have sent PMs to...
I will not start posting extras or photos of orders until this is paid off (or explained).

a schenzi lot of kids

+Pokebox Orders+
There has been some confusion - The items are not at my house, Payment 1 was for the items and Payment 2 was to get them to my house. Payment 3 will be postage to you!
We are waiting for samurwatt, densuine, meijiatron, silverbuizel, jenksss, winterfresh100 and wutastic to pay Payment 2, I have PMed all those that I could.

Quick Eevee Offers!
I've had this lovely guy in my collection for a while, but it's time for him to snuffle his way to a new home. He's the 10" Play by Play edition.
Very good, clean condition. Tush tag is shown in the photos. As you can see, the eyes are in great shape, and he stands up unassisted. He has little pink soles to his feet, and black sewn toes. Click the pics for bigger versions. :)
P9130064 P9130065
I'd like to start offers at $15 and end after 24hrs of no replies. Shipping not included, but fees are.,
Tags: eevee, group auction, kids, plush, sales
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