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My First Collection Post, and Grail get!

Hello PKMNcollectors!
I have been on this community for about a month now, so i have finally decided to actually do a collection post! And show you my awesome grail get!
My collection basically only consists of plushies ^_^ which my parent's wallet absoloutly despises because they are just so cute!
Anyways I am going to try to atempt a cut now....

Okay, so this is a cut!
So before i start i better tell that i take the hang tags off all of my plushies, every last one. Why? Because you can't cuddle them when they have the hang tag on can you? Yeah so enough of that and on to my collection!
Okay, so from the left-
Mudkip Pokedoll- from Nintendo World
Pachirisu Pokedoll- from Nintendo World
Advanced Minun Plush- hasbro, i used to have a Plusle, but i gave it away when we moved =(
Jirachi Canvas Plush
Dratini KFC Special Edition Applause Plush
Snivy Plush- jakks
Tepig Plush- jakks
Oshawott Plush- jakks
Landmin Pokedoll- from Nintendo World
Skymin Pokedoll- from Nintendo World
Zorua Plush from- Nintendo World
Woobat Pokedoll- from Nintendo World
Dragonite Plush- i think it is UFO
Cyndaquil Plush- i think it is UFO
Onto the next picture....
Again, from the left....
DX Turtwig Pokedoll- from Nintendo World
Turtwig Plush- jakks, I actually found him in a lego shop in Turkey!
Grotle Plush- jakks
Piplup Pokedoll- from JAPAN! Lol i was so excited when i got it in the mail as a suprise.
Happiny Plush- jakks
Eevee Plush- hasbro
Arceus Physic Forme Plush- i have no idea where it is actually from since i got it on eBay
Sandile Plush- jakks
And for the sencond row in behind....
Mantyke Plush- jakks
Minccino Plush- jakks
Umbreon Pokedoll- I am positive that it is a bootleg, but i didn't know that bootlegs existed when i bought it on eBay
Mudkip/Pokeball Plush- Unknown
Pichu Plush- hasbro? It is quite old and my Grandmother got it for me so i have no idea what it is exactly. I found it when i was looking for my Plusle in the attic.

However as you may have noticed, my collection lacks drifloons, so this summer i went drifloon crazy!
This is my custom Drifloon Plush that i made with my Grandmother when she came visiting. I love him so much and he was a lot of fun to make, even though my Grandmother did most of the work! Now he sits on my shelf an 'guards' my Nintendo.
And this is my awesome Drifloon lantern or as i like to call him 'Balloon Floon'. I also made him with my Grandmother. He is such a cool decoration!
And now....for my most recent get.....well it is more like grail get......
TA DA! My very own Drifloon Canvas Plush!!! And all thanks to oi_m!!! He is my favourite piece in my collection and i love him to bits! He is really my grail, i know it isn't a very cool grail, but my mum refused to pay $50 dollars for 4" of fluff, so it took ages to find one that she would actually accept the price of.
So there you have it, my Pokemon Plush Collection!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and sorry for the long boring post ^_^

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