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Awesome Pokemon Haul!

 Well hello, pkmncollectors! I've been an avid lurker, but now a first time poster! I just recently had a pretty awesome poke'haul from an estate sale I had gone to yesterday, and thought I would share!IMG_2378
eedless to say I am VERY excited! My mother had come to me, asking if I would like to come with her and my grandmother to an estate sale several very eldery women were having. At first I had no interest because well...they're elderly, and there is probably nothing good but 'old people stuff.' But I was so wrong! She had grand kids! AND ALL THIS FABULOUS STUFFS!
What I also found comical was I was the only one out of our little trio that walked out of the estate with anything! All the figures above and little toys and cards came together in a $2.00 bag. o-o
And each of the plushies was just a $1! Yes it is obvious the plushies have been 'loved' dearly, but I think I gave them a nice home. :) Im also quite fond of the mew toys I snagged with it! I know they probably aren't rares, and one mew is missing a tail, but its mew!

Needeless to say, I feel like I hit a goldmine! ^-^
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