Tuuli (dialny) wrote in pkmncollectors,

An auction reminder

My shiny auctions end in 24 hours, so if you planned to bid, now is the time to do so.
Many of the pan stickers and battrios (including Eeveelutions) are also still available.

And to make this post at least a bit less boring and perhaps even informative, I want to show you something I made yesterday inspired by Sneadres! I just loved his Tomy figure display stairs so much that I wanted to do my own. I had been looking for something like those stairs even before I saw his post, but it made me realize I could do them myself instead of buying! I hope, he doesn't mind or think that I stole his idea. ^^' My display stairs are not nearly as neat and official-looking as his are (I would link the post with an image, but sadly the image wasn't working anymore), but I didn't have any equipment to work with hard plastic, metal or anything like that.

So here is my version. I made another a bit later, when I realised my Tomy figures won't fit neatly in one. They are cheap and look like it, but they do their work

Like you can see:

And once I have filled them, they won't show much behing all the figures anyway, so the look doesn't really matter. :)
After I made these, I rearranged my collection AGAIN. It seems, I do it at least once a month. XD It's just fun trying to find the arrangement that works best.
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