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Mysterious Eevee plush and small figure auction! Plus sales update

Today I have a bunch of random items for auction! Including mysterious Eevee plushies, electric lions, Buizels, rare soap figures, and clear kids that starts at $1 >w<

Auction end at Wednesday, 19th September at 9:00 pm (GMT+8)! It's about Wednesday morning (9am for GMT-8) in the US timezone. Ended \ouo/

General rules:
Timer is here!
No sniping and backing out bids please >v>;
Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!
My feedback thread is here. Also I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping+fee starts at around $1.5-2.5 for lightweight stuff~

Two mysterious Eevee plushes |D
The seller I brought these from claims that they might be test samples for the official ones, but of course it's possible that they are just a new line of bootie Eevee plush |3c I got three of them (the three ones on the right side!), but am running out of space for all of them at home -u-;
They are of pretty good quality though, no loosing strings and other errors I could found. And looks pretty cute of course~ >w<

The larger one looks like the big Eevee walking plush (about the same size too!), but I don't know what the smaller one is based on.
Larger Eevee starts at $5, and the smaller Eevee (with lighter colors) starts at $4!

Rotom and Shaymin Sky Forme/Skymin soap figures! They still have a faint soap smell *u*

Both start at $5 each, and you can BIN anytime at $17 for Rotom and $14 for Skymin~
(BIN'ed already, so fast OvO;)

A bunch of small unknown Buizel figures! The middle one is confirmed to be a chou get thanks for eternal_rena :D (Rotom kid for size reference) Starts at $2 each!

Tiny electric lions! Luxio is a chou get figure, but I have no idea for the other ones.

Starting at $3 each~

The MIP Luxray line zukan used for size referenec is up for auction too! Starting at $5~

A bunch of clear kids! Starting all of them at $1 each~ Please check out this photo album for detailed shots!
If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;)

*Auction ended! Thanks for bidding >w<*

I've updated my sales post as well!
Added a few new items, updated new photos, and lowered prices for many old items.

Click here or the preview pic below to the sales!
*Crrently offline though, will reply to stuff after Monday work (which is.. 7:00pm GMT+8 >v>;)*

Tags: blissey, buizel, delcatty, eevee, kids, luxio, luxray, magikarp, pidove, plush, rotom, sales, shaymin, shellos, shinx, suicune, vaporeon
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