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auction reminder & a quick want

Hey guys, just a reminder that my v-chip auctions end tomorrow at 7pm EST. Raichu, Dragonite, and Espeon still don' thave any bids. I've lowered the prices of most of the figures that didn't have any interest (since I had no idea what they were worth to begin with), and cut Espeon's start price by a significant amount (33%). So get your bids in :3

Also, while I'm here, does anyone have a Durant MPC plush they're willing to part with? I don't really care if it has tags (though they're obviously preferred). I don't really know the going rate of MPCs, so I guess I'd like to pay around $10? (Let me know, please, if that's ridiculously high or low XD)

Another big thing I'm looking for is a Jakks Victini. I know they're already pretty hard to find, and are only going to get rarer now that Jakks is dropping the license. -_- I'd like to pay between $15-20 for it, hopefully not a whole lot more (since I'm not even a Victini collector xD).

Regular wants list is here, feel free to make an offer if you have anything I'm looking for (and it's not just Mewtwos, there's actually a lot of different Pokemon I'm looking for :P). The wants list also has pictures of the above two plushes I mentioned. Thanks in advance c:


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