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The mysterious Vulpix!

What an interesting day it has been!

Those who have been around long enough may still remember me winning this plush in summer 2009:

Eee, my dear Afrodite (Finnish spelling of Aphrodite, in case you didn't know)! <3 It's been three long years! Hoping for many more to come!

She was dubbed a mirage plush since the community had never seen another like her - she was most likely an unlicensed plush, even though she did have rather convincing tags (no manufacturer, though). She was assumed European because of her CE tag. The seller I got her from said they had bought her from Japan, though. Perhaps she had originally travelled from Europe to Japan, then to Australia and then again back to Europe, to me, you never know! Anyway, she was thought to be a mirage plush and that's it. Life went on and no other like her was never seen again... But, it seems this wasn't the end of the story after all!

A week ago, something very surprising popped up on Y!J!

Another?! :O I couldn't believe my eyes!

The poor little fellow seems to be in worse condition than my Afrodite, but he still looks nice (and his flocky nose seems flawless unlike my lady's). But oh, his poor hindlegs (and tails to a lesser extent). :'C

Anyway, there were a couple of Japanese bidders and no deputy services, so I thought, why not? I had some cash lying around waiting to be spent. I placed a rather high bid and won! I kind of felt guilty, bidding on him even though I already own one, but I'm still pretty damn excited and can't wait to compare him with Afrodite. Decided on a name for him already, too - he'll be Ares (see the pattern here?). I'm still not 100% sure if he's going to stay with me or not. Only time will tell!

I don't know, the fact that they both came from Japan kind of makes me think they might be official Japanese plush after all? Then again, why is the European CE marking there? Will the mystery ever be solved? Do you have any info about these cuties? I'd really love to learn more about them, especially about their origin!

Tags: mirage plush, plush, vulpix

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