Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


with a lack of funds i havent been buying too much lately, although i have over ten custom plushies that should be done sometime this summer (ive ordered about one each month this year, and only a few have been finished in all that time!). thats the great thing about custom plushies, you get plushies you paid for so long ago that it feels like a free plush!! :D

so, expect a parade of custom plush photos from over here :D

THEY WILL JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!

these werent a commission, but were created for general sale.... and i leapt for them right when i found out about them. i think they are the cutest shinxes ive ever seen in my life - cuter than any figure or official plush!! although bobblehead is close competition. so adorable. i can't wait to take more and more photos of them when they arrive!
artist is yutaka yumi.

and THIS adorable cutie is by theredbat!!! squeal!!!!! apparently she finished my others as well, so expect more photos from this artist tomorrow... gah! my first custom staraptor. its so adorable!! this plush was also commissioned and paid for and created all inside of the timespans ive been waiting for plush from all of the other artists...ahaha.

YAYYYYY lets dance.
(everyone from chat: not again with the roark @_@)

now ive just got to sit back and wait for more to be finished... and also for the movie and platnium to come out. yaaaaaaaay! isnt anyone else excited to re-visit the world of diamond and pearl, only this time with an altered plot and altered dimensions? new characters? eh? :D
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