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A Lugia Delivery Day

Hello community! Today I got a couple of parcels in the mail and as the title says...you can guess what Pokémon this post focuses on...

Picture story time...wheee.

Big Lugia Plush (BLP): ...great what are you all doing here? I'm suppose to be opening them! >_>
Other Lugias: nom nom nom

Baby Lugias: Lugia!!!
Lugia Kid Figure: o.o; Hello...!

BLP: Who cares about that lets open the bigger package!
So with the help of the new Lugia kid figure they tried with all their might but they couldn't seem to open it up.. D:

???: Mind if I helped? :3

BLP: GLP! All the other Lugia can't open it because they're IDIOTS
Lugia Kid Figure: I feel like a parrot right now... :D
GLP: Let's work together and open this package up then! (yay friendship power)

So eventually...
Fuzzy Lugia Plush: Yeeeey more packaging!
When suddenly...

???: RAWR :D

Zombie(?) Lugia Plush (ZLP): :D

Everyone but GLP was afraid of him, and I think he's finally found a best friend <3
ZLP: *noms GLP's face*

Meanwhile I think it'll take some time for the others to get used to this new Lugia plush...they suspect he's a Zombie .w.;
BLP: I told you ZOMBIE DOOMSDAY was coming!
FLP: Zombeh Lugiaaaa!
Others: brains!

~*Lugia PLUSH collection update*~

Here it is! My current Lugia plush collection...I have been collecting for years but I banned myself from online shopping for a loooong time after buying the giant one, really ate my wallet and I know if I went back to spending, I'd get addicted again. This also means I missed out on ALL the Lugia SS/HG plush/figures and such which sucks so much but here's to hoping I'll catch up and grab some new merchandise again.

I want to say thanks to andrew1374 for the Lugia kid and dtrain4eva for the Lugia plush and many others that I have bought (and will mention) during my proper collection update!

I will have a proper plush collection update sooner or later when everything arrives here (I owe you guys one!) and I'll also attempt to find all my figures as well/collection images too.

If anyone has any Lugia plush I don't have I'm definitely interested in purchasing them!

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