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Japanese TCG Pre-orders!

Hi guys! The new Japanese TCG set in Japan was just announced today, so I figured I would try something new: pre-orders for boxes. I will be running these orders very much like a group buy. Details under the cut.

Since I currently deal with a wholesale supplier, I will be taking practically unlimited orders for boxes. I will be charging lower than retail, 3049 Japanese Yen (¥) for the boxes. Each box contains 20 booster packs. They will be sealed. I will be collecting two payments for the boxes: the first payment will be 3049¥ per box, but I will convert that to USD the day I make the post, so all payments will be the USD equivilant of 3049¥ (if you account for shipping from Japan, that price is actually lower than most retailers, and definitely lower than eBay retailers! AS OF TODAY'S (SEPTEMBER 18, 2012) EXCHANGE RATE PRICE WITH PAYPAL, 3049¥ IS $40.66 USD. hat first payment will be collected on December 12, and the deadline for payment will be December 14. The second payment will be shipping to you. International shipping for boxes would be depending on your country. For reference, though, I will be shipping the boxes with Priority Mail. :) As for people in the United States, shipping for 1 box is $6. Shipping for 2-10 would be $12. 11-25 would be $20, and so on. Anyways, here's a summary:

1. Order boxes if you want. Specify either Deoxys set or Thundurus set. I will be closing orders around October 8th.
2. Once you commit, there will be no backing out. Seriously, we're talking about large amounts of money here. If you back out, you will receive negative feedback. Only commit if you are sure you want boxes.
3. Each box is 3049¥. No limit as to how many can be ordered. Payment will be due December 12, and the absolute latest will be December 14. I will convert your amount owed from Yen to USD on December 12 to avoid hassles.
4. Shipping to you will be collected when the boxes arrive to me. Please pay that promptly. I should receive the boxes around the 20th of December, so the second payment will be due then.
5. International shipping prices will vary (I'll be shipping priority mail for domestic but first class for international), but within the USA, it will be $6 for one box, $12 for 2-10, $20 for 11-25, and so on.
6. If the wholesaler includes any promo cards/posters with the boxes, they will be divided proportionally throughout the buyers of boxes.

Take a look! My prices are lower than those on eBay, and when you account for Japanese shipping prices, lower than those of Japanese retailers who ship to America. So please, take a look! Also, if anyone is interested in the Black Kyurem/White Kyurem EX decks (Moltres/Zapdos EX cards inside) or any other of the upcoming Japanese TCG products, ask me! I might have some. 

Also, wayawolf711 and tissuepaperpet need to contact me asap. I am still owed payment for the August Kids set. Please contact me by posting a comment below or LJ messaging me asap. Thanks.

Thanks guys! 

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