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hi again everyone :D 
today i come with some queries which I hope you can help me with 
firstly I was wondering if any members in the UK has ever has a EMS item be passed onto parcelforce (urgh!) and been charged at customs?, I cant find any information as to if and/or how much I will be charged. The item in question is a super duper grail so I was to get my hands on the dear as soon possible. It's pretty large and heavy by the way. 

secondly is there a place I can see what TCG cards are available of a particular pokemon? I am thinking of collecting some Mew cards and would like to know what's out there. 

And finally how are those of you in rented houses displaying your plush and figures? 
please click the cut for my current display and see my first ever attempt at making a plush!

Here is my current layout of plushes and a couple figures, since this picture was taken a few more plushies have arrived and there will be another huge plush when my grail arrives meaning my already full display will be overflowing! :O obviously with living in a rented flat I can not put up shelves and space is limited I don't quite know what to do with them all! :P

first plush attempt 004

first plush attempt 007
So here it is! and of course it had to be a Mew, simple and one colour, not to mention its my favourite little monster :D. I've never made plushes before and only ever previously made simple pillows so a plush was a huge step up! I found a generic bear template and altered it. I struggled a little getting the pieces in the right places so he is a little wonky, and as you can see below he is awfully skinny from the side hehe! 
I plan on making a few plushes over the coming months as my university schedule is rather scarce so I will have a lot of spare time on my hands so any pointers for plushes or what to try and make next would be greatly appreciated :) 
first plush attempt 008
thank you for looking everyone <3


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