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Collection update: An exciting get!

Good evening, everyone!

I have been meaning to do an update for months, though it seems that I never found the right opportunity since I was forever waiting for things to arrive. Today I received a very special parcel which brought me to buckle down and finally post an update!

I found the need for a photo-story this time; therefore, please bear with me with the ridiculously long post!

Sunyshore Package! 009 copy

Introducing Titus, the Terrakion Kid, and Quintus, Titus's apprentice.

Sunyshore Package! 001

Sunyshore Package! 003


The two proceeded to head for the location of this marvellous sight...

Sunyshore Package! 005

Sunyshore Package! 007

With some assistance, the two were able to uncover a strange element beneath the surface.
This was far from the end, however...

Sunyshore Package! 025
Suddenly, before they could realise, a sudden force---

Sunyshore Package! 027 copy
--- sent them violently through the air!

Sunyshore Package! 028

Sunyshore Package! 031

Sunyshore Package! 033

Sunyshore Package! 037

Sunyshore Package! 040

Sunyshore Package! 041

Sunyshore Package! 042

Sunyshore Package! 046

Sunyshore Package! 046 2

Sunyshore Package! 048

Sunyshore Package! 051

Sunyshore Package! 002

Sunyshore Package! 008

Sunyshore Package! 013

Sunyshore Package! 020

And so, that brings this photo-story to its conclusion!
Now, for the serious stuff!

The photo-story features the items I recently purchased from denkimouse at Sunyshore! I was freaking out when I got the box today. XD; I absolutely adore everything! Thank you so much, Gin!

Now for some general photos!

Sunyshore Package! 019
Here are my collection shelves! I recently moved the Poké Doll shelves over to the side of my room where my main shelf is. I love how everything is together now. ♥

Sunyshore Package! 022
Terrakions! I love these guys so much. ;w; I think the MPC has to be one of my favourite items; he's so adorably derpy! :D Soft, too! Thank you, eevee_trainer!

I also decided to rearrange my top shelf after I made the photo-story.
Sunyshore Package! 039
(Sorry for the blurry photo!)
I prefer this a lot more. Keldeo's colours complement Serperior and Glaceon so well!

I'm hoping to continue collecting the little water pony, though not too seriously: it's simply too much! I'm excited to pick up some merchandise of his soon; he's so gorgeous.

Thank you so much for looking! I hope you are all having a fine day!
You guys are awesome! ♥
Tags: cobalion, emolga, glaceon, keldeo, minccino, serperior, terrakion, virizion

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