fluffydrifloons (fluffydrifloons) wrote in pkmncollectors,

German Pokemon collectors, please lend your ears! And a small want...

Hello  PKMNcollectors!
I am heading to Germany this half term and I was wondering if there are any places to buy pokemon plushes in Berlin and hamburg? I would really appreciate the help.
Oh yes and before I forget, does anybody have a Marill pokedoll for sale? It doesn't have to be MWT or anything, I am just looking for an adorable little travel buddy, to look cute in pictures and not have people questioning my sanity. I am slightly more focused on the price at the moment, and I think I will be until I get a job of my own so I am looking to pay 20-30 dollars for this little guy, or less, you know, happy with less! 
Anyways terribly sorry for the boring post, and happy Pokemon collecting!

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