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Reminder! + Rarity check! + Question, please help

Hello there!
First, a reminder, usagimakeup, you didn't pay me the last payment for your Ash Partners figure yet and zoroarcade, you still did not pay me for the last payment for the pan sticker GA! For those people who are interested, I still have tons of leftover pan stickers for grabs! :)
Please come here to see: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13184272.html

Now other thing I want to bring up today! I have gotten this cute Eevee plush last week, and to be honest, I have never really seen it on this community through the time I have been here. So how rare is it?

All I know from PPP that it's a mascot plush along with Pichu, Pachirisu, etc from 2010, and they have these little flowers attached to them, but otherwise, no information..

From the side!

Adorable little paws <3

Otherwise, I really wanted to ask this for those who are allergic to their own collections. I am allergic to dust, therefore dust gets very easily on both plush and figures, or any other merchandise. How do you display your merch? I know that glass wardrobes are the best solution, however, I have only one small one, where not even my whole Charmander collection fits in (no wonder, it's really huge, you can look at the bottom photo), and my room is really small. If there is no real solution to that, should I just add into the wardrobe what I love the most from my collections, or just leave it at that? What would you do? Also, how do you get dust off your plush? I tried to just "beat" the dust off of one, but when looking at it, the dust doesn't even "show up", because you could clearly see there is on one. So far, my entire collections are stored in boxes and bags (room feels kinda empty). Any help on this would be appreciated!

This is my glass wardrobe I own:

Thank you so much for reading! <3
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