Fudogs Gonna Fu (mamath) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fudogs Gonna Fu

Sales and looking for PT bookmarks!

I've just updated my sales with a lot of weeded and new items, new pictures and pretty much everything and adjusted some prices downwards! As in the past, I'm offering FREE shipping on purchases of 10+ items. I ship from Australia, so that's a big deal!

Please do read the rules, of course, and I hope you find something you've been after!

Some exciting news for Subway Twins fans! Big in Japan has the Subway Twins Partners figures up for preorder! I think the price is reasonable and more importantly these figures might be popular and difficult to get ahold of so this could be your chance to secure yours now. :D I was really surprised to see them there!

No collection update from me, I'm afraid. ^^ Nothing much interesting is happening with my collections lately... I do have some wants though!

I'm looking for "pattern" Pokemon Time bookmarks! Now that peoples' PT items are arriving, perhaps you have a pattern bookmark you'd like to sell to recoup a few dollars of the cost of your items? :D I'm interested in just about any patterns, including those from previous years! I only have goldeen and machop so far... ;_; I'm also potentially interested in the little patterned tins for the right price. :3

I would -love- to have a complete collection of the pattern bookmarks aah. <3
Tags: sales, wanted
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