Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

keychain GA!

I am not dead! ^^ I've just been lurking! I don't have much money so I don't wander around as much but I am still here checking out fellow collector's posts and fun stuff!!! But I came across an auction today that has a Marill item I need, so I would like to propose a small GA if you are interested!!!

I'm claiming the Marill/Pikachu for $5+. If someone really wants the Pikachu I will be willing to let you pay for it but I want to keep the keychain XD So just let me know but otherwise I'll just claim the pair~ The other Pokemon will be listed with whom they are paired with as well!

* Bidding for ends on September 26. Countdown here.
* Community rules apply of course! So no sniping!
* You are committed to your bid, so do not bid if you do not intend to pay! Negative feedback will be left
* If you want to bid higher, please respond to the user ahead of you
* Minimum bid increments of $1 please
* There will be 3 payments. First payment will be to me for the deputy invoice. Second is for shipping from deputy warehouse. Last is for shipping from bluehyaku from the US to you.

hurrah for new marill items!
Tags: bellossom, charmeleon, gloom, group auction, lugia, onix, slowking, slowpoke
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