These Exhausted Resources (privatelyricist) wrote in pkmncollectors,
These Exhausted Resources

An update, so you don't think I've gone all *takez money flees community* regarding my sales post.

If you had already sent payment before THIS post about my paypal problems, please can you let me know. I am still not in a position to receive funds from Paypal and I have requested a further update, but I HAVE accessed the names and addresses of those who have bought from me. If you aren't listed below, let me know so I can cross reference with Paypal and hopefully find your name/address.

The ones I have noted down from Paypal, which I aim to have shipped by tomorrow at the latest are:

Akirajess - Umbreon and Ho-Oh Pokedolls
Almiraswolf - Rayquaza and Flareon Pokedoll
Kiaras_Lemon - Espeon and Celebi Pokedolls
Norkia - Lugia Pokedoll
Pkmn_Masta~ - Entei doll
Regen - Groudon x2 and Palkia Pokedoll
RocketHaruka - Lucario Pokedoll

Of course, some of you are confirmed to buy the items from me and are listed in my sales post, and those will be updated as soon as I'm in a position where I can do so.

*drives away*
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