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Auction for some decent pose-able figures

Hi, fellow collectors. Today I bring you guys six well-made Pokemon pose-able figures made by TAKARA TOMY in 2004. They have been well kept and on display only in my hand. However, they do have little paint lost, especially for Blastoise, which has a  widened seam on the right side of his belly (see comment below); but this not affect the overall assembling and posing for the figure. One more note: Suicune was manufactured in 2010 so she is as new as you can see.

  • I am in the US.
  • I accept Paypal only. No checks or money orders.
  • No international bidders at this time. Sorry but processes do go complex when shipping abroad.
  • No backing-out. No sniping. Once found out, you will be banned from my future sales & auctions.
  • Each item will have a starting price of $5 (USD).
  • Payment with 4 days or 96 hours.
  • I am a slow shipper but I will always keep you informed when your item is shipped out.
  • Shipping will be 3 - 5 dollars for these figures because they are really heavier than regular figures like TOMYs, Kids, or even Zukans.
  • I have been granted sales permission on 01/28/2012 by denkimouse.


2012-09-21 16.03.54

2012-09-21 16.06.33
2012-09-21 16.05.04 
2012-09-21 16.05.25 
2012-09-21 16.05.50 
2012-09-21 16.02.26
2012-09-21 16.10.40

Tags: auction, blastoise, blaziken, charizard, figures, groudon, suicune, venusaur
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