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monster sales update! zukan & rare figures auctions!!

I have a bunch of rad things for you lovely people today! Recently I won a massive mystery lot on Y!J, and I've finally gotten it all sorted out and photographed. Tons of different figures, a couple plush, and probably the coolest thing - zukan pieces! Everyone loves zukan pieces!! Alas, nearly all of them have no base, but there are several lone pieces as well as evolution sets (like Blastoise! And Zigzagoon and Arbok and Skitty!)

Oh right, and a Vulpix zukan. No big deal.

Also a Glaceon Pokedoll, and a couple Absols and Skitties and eeveelutions and okay I'll stop talking now. Click HERE or on my beautifully cut-and-pasted banner to get to the auctions! (Hosted on my own journal, but all pkmncollectors rules apply!)

I've also (almost) completely redone my sales post! Added in more zukan pieces, plush, probably a hundred or so random figures.. As always I'm open to haggling and trades! I'd be happy to hold sales things if you'd like to bid on something in my auctions. Aaand payment plans are totally fine too as long as you have decent feedback, whether it's for one expensive item or several cheaper things. Thank you for reading! :D
Tags: absol, blastoise, glaceon, ninetales, sales, skitty, umbreon, vulpix, zukan

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