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~ Weeding Sales! ~

Realizing I really needed to downsize on a lot of things so I can have space again! Here's a massive sales post with lots of buttons, flats, pokedolls, clipping figures, zukans, and more! Up for grabs are a Sceptile Pokedoll and a custom Zebstrika and Scolipede pokedoll! Haggling is perfectly fine, as I am eager to get rid of it all~


+ I got sales permission from Gin sometime in early 2009.

+ I have a smoke-free home and own 3 cats! I keep them at bay from my collection and lint roll items but beware in case of allergies!

+ Holds do not exceed 24 hours and will only be held if buyer is committed.

+ I can be slow at shipping! I of course will keep you updated, but I am moving to a new job and I'm busy busy busy. :')

+ I am open to reasonable haggling but please don't be offended if I turn your offer down.

+ No, I am not interested in trades at the moment. <3

+ I ship from the USA. <3

+ Payment is due within 24 hours.

+ I have the right to refuse service to anyone, especially if they have poor feedback.

+ Once a package leaves it is out of my hands so I will not take responsibility for something I have no control over.

+ Backing out of a sale can and WILL get you negative feedback.

+ I ship in bubble mailers however if you want insurance or prefer stronger packaging please ask for it.

+ My feedback can be found here:

~ Pokedolls ~

Sceptile Pokedoll!

Condition: Used, no hang tag

Price: $40.00

Suicune Pokedoll - Mint, w/hang tag.

Price: $25.00 -SOLD

Custom Zebstrika Pokedoll by Cwinget - Mint condition

Price: $70.00 - SOLD

Custom Scolipede pokedoll with added bat wings / "Vampapede" by Cwinget - Mint condition

Price: $60.00 - SOLD

Ho-Oh Pokedoll: Japanese release, tagless, with scuff marks on plastic wings - $15.00

Giratina Pokedoll : Japanese release, tagless, like new condition - $20.00

Togekiss Pokedoll: Japanese Release, Tagless, like new condition - $15.00 - SOLD

Misdreavus Plush Keychain: Mint condition w/tag - $15.00 - SOLD

Zoroark Pokedoll: Like new, tagless - $15.00

Buneary Jakks plush: Like new, tagless, has tear in the neck - $1.00

Zebstrika Bell Plush by Hibikitikibi: Mint condition - $15.00

Deino Amigurumi Plush: Mint Condition - $10.00

Ampharos Banpresto: Mint Condition with tag - $15.00 - SOLD


Contains: Various customs, mint with tag Pokecen plush, mint with tag Banpresto chibi plush, and visor.

Price: $30.00

Sceptile Lot

Contains: Used kids, bell keychain, footprint figure, Trainer figure, tomy, and Pokedex figure.

Price: $10.00 - SOLD

Sceptile Pokedoll Sticker: New - $10.00

Milotic Hat: Never worn, like new - $10.00

Giratina Chibi Figure: Brand new - $2.00 - SOLD

Ho-Oh Figurine: Brand new - $2.00

MIB Houndoom tomy figure: $3.00 - SOLD

Custom Togekiss on a cream pie figurine by Winterjellybean: $5.00

Custom Zoroark on a raspberry brownie figurine by Winterjellybean: $3.00 - SOLD

Zebstrika phone charm by Hibikitikibi: $3.00

Broken Cresselia Zukan: $1.00 - SOLD

Cherrim Zukan: Like new - $5.00

Jolteon Bouncy Ball - MIB - $4.00 - SOLD

Buttons - $1.00

Scolipede felt pin - $2.00

Keychains - $2.00 

Flygon Coin - $0.25

SOLD: Flygon Coin, Woobat Line Charms, and Axew line buttons

I have doubles of Emboar and Kyurem, and one of each with the exception of Chandelure and Hydreigon. However, if there's enough interest or a good offer for Hydreigon, I will part with it.

B/W Clipping Figures: $1.00 each

SOLD: Emolga and Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, Volcarona, and double headed ice cream thing.

Thank you very much for checking out my sales! ;A;

Tags: ampharos, axew, banpresto, blitzle, buneary, cherrim, cherubi, cresselia, custom, deino, emboar, figures, flygon, giratina, haxorous, ho-oh, houndoom, jolteon, kyurem, milotic, misdreavus, oshawott, plush, pokedolls, sales, samurott, sceptile, scolipede, suicune, swoobat, togekiss, vanillite, volcarona, woobat, zebstrika, zoroark, zukan
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