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i can't find my feedback!

Hello again PKMNcollectors!
Now i know this sounds ridiculous, but for the life of me i cannot seem to work out if i have feedback, or where it is or anything about it.
Please help me!

Its okay, i have been helped! But please read on.
Oh yes and any pokemon collectors living in germany, i need your help! I am going there soon and I was wondering if  there are any places to buy pokemon merch in the beautiful country. I am aware of AniMaCo, but sadly i the day it starts. I will be heading to berlin and hamburg so if you guys know of any places that you can buy pokemon merch (especially plushies =) it would be much appreciated!
And i suppose it can't hurt to put this down here if i am posting anyways...
I am also looking for a Marill pokedoll, used or not used i don't mind, i just want to have a cute ball of fluff as a travel companion!
Anyways, i really hope that somebody reads this since my posts generally never attract much attention....unless...
That should do the trick.
If it is against the rules to do that sort of font change feel free to mention it.
Thank you for reading and happy pokemon collecting!
I apoligize since i changed the font without knowing it was against the rules and i have tried to change it back, but it refuses to go back to the way it was, this is as close as i can get it to the original size.
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