Solarah (solarah) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Melbourne show and other gets!!

I went to the Melbourne Show today and got a pokemon showbag, which I also filled with some pokemon plush I won. Anyone else around Melbourne going? I think the showbag is worth it! :D

All the toy factory plush I bought/won at games. They're really cute :'3

This was in the showbag, it seems to be two discs that you use to throw a sticky ball thing around with.

An episode sampler with three episodes on it (I'm not sure which episodes they are).

A metal water bottle with all of the starters and their evolutions on it. Serperior just looks awesome :'3

Two identical booster 'preview packs'. I'm not exactly sure why they included two identical packs rather than just one, but oh well.

An amazingly awesome bag! It looks pretty great.
(Now for some regular gets!)

Vulpix canvas! This is the first canvas plush I've gotten and just wow, I'm in love. It's such an adorable, well made plush. So cute.

Pokepark straps! They make me sad and happy at the same time, it really sucks that pokepark closed down. Thankfully comm members have merchandise from it to fill the hole in my heart. :'3
Anyways, that's all. Thanks for reading!
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