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quick rules reminder/clarification

My fellow PKMNcollectors!

This is a quick rules reminder -- and clarification. There have been many posts promoting and praising confirmed bootleg plush lately. Now, everyone has different feelings about that subject and so the community's official stance is basically "we won't tell you how to collect, but don't promote the sale of illegal bootlegs/stolen factory rejects".

Usually that means posting URLs, but lately we've had many posts entirely about bootlegs and why they are great, which leads to many comments saying "Should I buy it?" "Yes, you should buy this bootleg". The posts themselves end up being more of a promotion/advertisement than a collection update. This is why I ask members not to make posts solely about bootlegged plush, and if you do have them in your collection, to please not promote or heavily praise them. This rule is not new; it has always been the same, and I have not re-written it either - only slightly changed the first line to add "promote" to make it a bit clearer.

We do not condone supporting companies that mass produce bootlegged copies or rejects of official merchandise. Please refer to our bootlegs guide in "Tutorials" for clarification as to what bootlegs are. This rule does not bar you from posting about bootleg/fake/unofficial items in your collection, only the advertising of bootleg companies/sellers. You may sell bootleg items, as long as they are CLEARLY LABELED, only because the items are already purchased and no more money will be going back to the companies."

Please note that that the term "bootleg" as we use it does not include:
-Custom work by artists
-Original pattern plush (not copies of official items) made in limited amounts (not mass produced) by small companies (which cannot be confirmed licensed or unlicensed), AKA mirage plush
-The notable unreleased TFG figures canceled before production that were never made available for sale in stores (the source of which is dubious; copies of prototypes or leftovers from factories or other)

Please keep in mind this is not based on my or the mods' personal opinions or morals. We simply can't have our front page dominated by bootleg promotion and praise. It is not only bad for our reputation as a source of trustworthy and legit merchandise, but we could get into real trouble with companies that follow our activity, such as TPCi and the Japanese Pokemon Centers.

See you later with Black Kyurem and White Kyurem pokedoll pics amongst other goodies :)
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