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In my constant quest for Cottonee things I have acquired a set of Pokemon Uno cards, but alas! no Cottonees, so the cards are up for sale/casual offer here!

Please note that I will be away from my computer this week. This will not affect the stated shipping time but I may be a little slower than usual to reply to comments after this weekend. I will still have internet access.

- My sales permission is grandfathered from the start of the comm.
- Feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/tortoises/
- Paypal only for international buyers, Paypal or bank deposit for Australian buyers. All prices are in USD, but Australian buyers may choose to pay in AUD.
- The total I give you will include fees and shipping
- I ship from Australia, shipping for flats (ie: what these are) starts at $1 within Australia/$3 outside. Backing out due to failure to read this notice will not be tolerated and I will leave negative feedback, so ask for a quote if you're worried! Note that asking for a quote won't hold the item though.
- I will ship these by default in regular envelopes taped between sheets of cardboard. If you would like something else (eg. bubble envelopes, toploaders, card sleeves) please let me know and I will adjust shipping prices accordingly. These options may delay shipping by a couple of days as I won't be able to buy those things this week and will have to buy them when I return.
- There will be a minimum 1 week wait on shipping since I have to wait for money to transfer out of Paypal to my bank account, but I will endeavour to post out within 2 weeks of receiving payment, and I will update you (either via PM or a notice on the comm) if I'm slower than this.
- I cannot be held responsible for things lost or damaged in the mail. You may purchase tracking/insurance if you wish.
- No trades at the moment (unless I owe you money), no holds unless I know you well. Only exception for trades is for video games, I like them.

Here's the biiiig picture:

As you can see, there are doubles of a lot of these, it being a UNO set! Everything is up for casual offer, which means I will accept offers at any time, whenever I like them. Please start offers on Team Rocket, Victini and Deerling at $3 or more, and all others at $1 or more. You don't have to make a thread if you don't want to, but please offer per card so I can compare people's offers. If there isn't a thread and more people offer on a card than I have numbers of that card available, I will give you the chance to counter-offer before I accept!

Of course these can be combined with stuff on my permanent sales post:

(I still need a Cottonee kid if anyone has one for sale/trade! I'd like it to have its box and sticker, please.)
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