Darcy Fremd (papaiyacoffee) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Darcy Fremd

Amazing new get and question

So today I got my new Pokemon console in the mail!

The 3DS LL Pikachu edition!! :D

2012-09-22 16.30.51

The front of the box

2012-09-22 16.31.05
The back of the box

2012-09-22 16.32.36
The inside~ So white and pretty! Q 7 Q))/

2012-09-22 16.32.54
The outer cover!

I'm in love with it! So cute and clean, and so perfect!! Q w Q
I now have owned about 4 Pokemon edition consoles, 3 of which were DS systems haha. But now I own 2 total in the current time.
How many have you guys ever/do owned/own?

Now, for an important question, does anyone know where to buy a battery pack for a 3DS LL/XL? And does anyone know something that could be used for one? I couldn't have it shipped with the battery, so it's kind of unusable as of now. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! >w<)/


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