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I'm trembling with... excitement!

Why, hello there fellow PKMN Collectors...

Spectre is still sort of new to posting on the community, but they are a resident Colress collector; Akuroma/Achroma accumulator. Please don't get annoyed if I skip around with his name. (Don't even get me started on the localized one. :T)
Now, I am a monster enthusiast through and through, but this particular human fellow just seems to resonate me.
When full art Colress was confirmed for Plasma Gale, it was a bit of a double edged sword. Of course I was more than happy to see it, but considering that he ended up being such a good card play wise, this meant I would have a difficult time acquiring him within my budget (person, full art and a good card? heavens the drama!). When they finally started turning up on they were going for at least the price of a booster box.

I said to heck with that, and decided to try my luck with actual booster boxes with the encouragement from some buddies. At the least I'd get some regular Colress cards, his Pokemon and some decent cards to trade. I even joked with said friends that I'd probably pull a shiny Charizard since it wasn't even what I was after.
Two boxes + Plasma Powered Decks were purchased, and despite not having the funds for more I instantly regretted not getting at least a third box. Oh well. Now after what felt like an eternity from anticipation, they arrived on my doorstep today! This is the first time I've gotten Japanese cards in about 10 years. Ohh, the things we do for collections!... *air grope*

It seems I was rewarded for my patience and my restraint, as these two beauties were uncovered from the depths:


Seriously, how is that even possible?  I feel like the luckiest spectre in the universe right now! Charizard was pulled from the first box but as excited as I was, I thought I had jinxed myself out of getting the card I truly wanted.  Eleventh pack into my second box, and I turn over Akuroma. I did it. My hands shook as I carefully put him into a sleeve. "That's it! I'm done!" Spectre proclaimed as they stepped away to analyze the odds, recover from the awe and thank the almighty number 11.
So yeah... I think I'm off to a good start on my Colress collection. =D

Cut! To see said collection and my other Plasma Gale notablesCollapse )
Also! I am looking to buy/trade for any Colress/Akuroma cards. I don't care if I already own them. If you want to get rid of them, I am a potential customer.
Spectre is out! Peace!
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