ballerbandgeek (ballerbandgeek) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll help

Hi I come bearing a question. Was there ever a square tag American release for the Lapras pokedoll? When I searched online and on PPP I only saw the blue star Japanese release and the red Pikachu tag. But I've seen this picture here:

Is this legit? Or is this one of those factory reject/bootleg pre-released ones like that Squirtle?

EDIT: Okay, thanks everyone! I figured this seller does bootlegs, but now that I know there is an actual Lapras with that tag, I'm gonna look for her :). Or does anyone know where I can get any pokedoll of Lapras, regardless of tag? I just missed one on the comm the other day T__T haha
Tags: lapras, pokedolls

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