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[Eeveelution wanted list//]

I've yet to update my wants list on my journal *epically lazy* =c
This is mostly just the eevee evolutions. I want some eevee things, but for now, just the first and second gen vees on here x3

Vaporeon TOMY, Vaporeon keychain, Espeon monsterball figure, jolteon full colour stadium (attack vers), Jolteon chibi stamper, umbreon normal kid, flareon full colour stadium (attack vers), eevee& jolteon FCS (normal vers), misc figures and european/american full colour stadium, Flareon Chibi Stamper

Everything crossed out has been obtained, thankyou ^-^!

Once again list is not exhaustive ^o^
Do you have a 'vee not pictured? Show meh! =D
Tags: espeon, flareon, jolteon, umbreon, vaporeon, wanted
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