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A new journey begins! from mount silver to unova! (reintro)

like my generic sounding anime title? i'm sure you all do! so last week I was still living in colorado and attending my last ndk.(let me know if i saw you there!) and from there I hoped onto a plane for my new home in new york. but before that I had to make hard decisions concerning packing away my collection for storing for who knows how long... but who made the cut? we shall see! so after finding a job and getting settled in, yesterday was my first day off so i went exploring with my travel partner, kasay the kojofu to nintendo world! there was a really good verity of plush this year it was hard to be frugal, but at least I have time to come back this time. 

so i got a few pictures of plush and stuff there, they had many new pokedolls from black and white. also had many older johto pokemon such as elekid, starters, and wobbuffet. (I was very tempted by the cyndaquil doll, so cute!! next time for sure!)

(I know what I'm going to get..)

kasaya found family from america- kojofu meet meinfoo 


in about 2 weeks pokemon black and white 2 will be releasing here in america, I look forward to seeing what this place is like on that day!! I'll be sure to post pictures if i am able to go. 


now, for my collection update! my god! it shrank soooo much! >.< the newest member is the riolu doll from nintendo world and a meinfoo kid from image anime. I got to say, it kinda feels like the way ash leave behind his pokemon excluding his pikachu... so the time is right for a reintroduction.

My name is hibikitikibi, I live in new york. I have been a member of pkmn collectors for close to 2 years now. I specialize in fighting type pokemon, mostly the un-evolved to be more precise. I believe that one must always train in the fighting art, and you are never truly "fully evolved". my favorite pokemon and main collection focus is on meinfoo, but I also collect makuhita and riolu as a secondary focus. my overall collection is back to being very small so I look forward to seeing it grow. 
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