eternalshaymin (eternalshaymin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Japanese Pokedolls coming to the USA?

So I'm fishing out 36$ for a Cresselia Pokedoll (which I think is totally worth it!), and I'm just curious if any of the older ones from Japan like Heatran will ever come here? Even Rotom! Cause those two are high on my wants list but they're so expensive cause they're Japanese release):

On a side note, I got a Spiritomb Pokedoll. A few questions:
It's a USA tush tag and the year is 2009. Is that a year they were made?
And second, is an invisible repair job harmful to its value? It's in perfect condition except I had to repair a large seam. Everyone that has saw it says they can't even tell I sewed it.


And 3rd, My meloettas hand, since I got her, the minky material, the little fur pieces keep fraying and I have no clue why. Like you can see the fibers al over the place): and it doesnt feel the same as her other hand or the rest of her body. Now all the fibers keep falling out):Its the Pokecen Plush of her): She turned out to be one of my favorites): I just can't get lucky with these. It seems something always goes wrong -_____- 
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