Cristina (cristinahazard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Possible Sale; 1/1 Chikorita

Hello, comm. I'm once again popping in for the purpose of a possible sale. I'm living on my own now, and as any of you who live in the real world know, paying bills sucks (especially when you are a full-time student and can only work part-time :( ) So once again, I'm being forced to part with some of my collection favorites.
It's going to kill me to do this, but I think I may be letting go of my 1/1 Chikorita Plush. She is one of my favorites, but like my 'vees, not apart of any of my main collections. She is mint, but without tags. 

1/1 Chikorita plush pictures with my little Tomy chikorita.

Theres her leaf!

I was wondering if anyone is interested in giving her a new home. It's going to kill me to do this, but I do take quite a bit of solace in knowing a favorite plush is going to a home and collection where they will be cherished. I'm open to taking offers right now. If there is a lot of interest, I will consider going an auction. I originally paid $150 for her, so I'd be looking for around there.
Tags: chikorita, plush, sales
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